Tips on How to Style Your Home this Christmas Season

        Winter is the perfect season to cozy up your home and give it that warm and inviting feel. Here are some of my favorite styling tips to achieve that look and feeling...     

  1. Warm Textures: Incorporate cozy textures like faux fur blankets, chunky knit throws, and plush pillows to cuddle up in as you watch a marathon of cheesey (yet irresistible) Hallmark movies. I've also added winter throws and plaid pillows at our kitchen table. It's so nice enjoying a hot cup of tea when you're enveloped in comfort.
  2. Incorporate warm tones and carry that aesthetic in multiple rooms for a cohesive look. This year I am loving the bronze and copper. combo. It strikes a balance that is rustic and elegant so I have carried it from my living room and throughout the kitchen. When the tree goes up, it will be on theme as well. Can't wait to get that started!
  3. Light Up Your Space: It has been rough having the sun go down before 5pm! Adding candles and string lights will make your space feel warm and welcoming..
  4. Style your winter entryway! Every year I use a faux wreath that is durable enough to withstand any New England storm. In addition, I style urns with live greenery and a festive bow. 
  5. Deck the halls and your mantle too! Aside from the tree, the mantle is one of my favorite parts to decorate. Every year I chose a new them and design from scratch. This year I've gone mixed faux winter greens, with bronze, copper and some touches of gold. I also added bells which has become my favorite embellishment whether on a wreath or garland. 

  Can you guess what your state's #1 Christmas decoration is? For NH it's the wreath. Hmmmm.... maybe that's why I like it here so much... Check out your state below to see!
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    More than half of the homes in America will be decorated by the weekend after Thanksgiving. Not feeling ready? Reach out and let us help! Permanent botanicals are an investment that will last for seasons to come so consider them an investment in giving your home that festive feel year after year
     Wishing you a holiday season filled with lots of love and joy,
XO Kara  

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