Pursuing My Full Time Freedom!

    In October of 2021, I took a leap, a BIG LEAP! I left a great job of 18 years, a job where I worked with people that I love, all to pursue my passion of designing floral decor. I had so many mixed feelings but each and every day that I feel grateful for the opportunity to pursue my full time freedom.  Every day I get to pursue my passion in my own workshop,  determine my own goals and... maybe sneak a mimosa in here and there ;) It makes me feel like a BOSS, well because I am!

Do I always meet my goals? -Nope

Am I ever scared that I'm crazy for doing this? -Yep

Is self doubt going to stop me? Heck NO!

         I am so fortunate to be surrounded by friends, family and clients that build me up in ways I can't explain or thank them enough for. I am still getting my footing but am so excited to bring out the best I have to offer and to serve my clients that have brought me so much joy since I started this "side hustle" 4 years ago. 

      Cheers to 2022!

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    Tom Hilse / Reply

    Hi Kara, Just saw you on Fox News. Congratulations on your new venture. I am sure you will be successful. I’m retiring soon and Looking forward to doing some thing I love every day! Take care. Tom

    Nicole Flowers / Reply

    Hi there! I came accross you on the Vine 32 events page and am super interested in taking a wreath making class there! Your wreaths are beautiful! It looks like the October one is sold out. Will you be doing more classes there through the fall/winter? If so, how can I find out right away so I can snag some seats? Thanks!

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