Symbolism During the Holidays

      I received a custom order from Claire in Ireland, to create a wreath that would coordinate with her beautiful Christmas tree. She shared a photo of her tree and described it as blues, navy, silver and grey.  I reviewed the photo and created a supply list for "blue & silver ornaments, snowflakes and silver butterflies". I went on the hunt and was thrilled to find exactly what I needed.

    I designed Claire's wreath and sent a photo prior to shipping it across the pond. Claire and her husband Ken approved the design and shared why their tree is decorated with butterflies. Claire started by saying "who has butterflies in fairness at xmas?!)"  She then went on to explain that her father in law suffers from Lewy body dementia and is in an assisted living home called Carebright. The house that he lives in is called "Butterfly House". Claire said "the fact that you were so precise and able to pick that detail up from the tree has blown our minds and makes the wreath so special for us." 

     I love how Claire and her family honor her father in law through the symbolism of the butterfly. Butterflies symbolize hope and courage.  I truly believe that this was a project created and guided by love and am so honored to have been a part of it all.

   Thank you Claire not only for the order but for sharing your beautiful story with me. Wishing you and your family a season ahead filled with love and joy!


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